Seminary Gift Card Thank Yous

Thank you for your support of seminary students at Concordia Theological Seminary through the Christmas Marketplace this year. The gift cards and quilts we received are a blessing for all of us. The quilts keep us warm on cold Indiana nights and help our accommodations here feel more like home while the gift cards help alleviate some financial strain. This is especially true for me this year as I prepare for both marriage and an internship in the coming year. I am still not completely sure what all these will entail, but I do know that God will provide for what we need including the gifts that you have so generously sent. I hope you have a merry and blessed Christmas and that your year ahead is also filled with wonderful blessings! Ruth Ann Sangness
Thank you so much for the gift card – at this time of year it is much appreciated. We are in our last year at the seminary and very much looking forward to Call Night. God’s richest blessings at this holiday season! Jeff & Caryn Arnold
A blessed Christmas season to you! May this celebratory time of the year bring you peace, hope and happiness as we rejoice in the greatest gift in the world, Jesus Christ. As we thank the Lord for His gift, my wife, children and I thank you for your great generosity. The gift cards we have received from you and many others provide us with groceries, meals, presents for our families with full tanks of gas to visit them this Christmas. We greatly appreciate your prayers, thoughts and support at this time of the year! Luke Otten & Family