The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization


Making the dream of a Lutheran education

a reality for Indiana families.

  • Every dollar donated to our SGO helps a child attend our school. 
  • Your donation assists a family in covering the cost of tuition.
  • With your donation to the SGO you allow a child to receive a Christian education in a caring and creative learning environment.
  • Donations are eligible for an Indiana State Tax credit and are federally deductible. (Example: $10,000 donation, $5,000 tax credit- off the bottom line of what you owe in State income tax, federally deductible. – 25% bracket)
Additional Donation Details
Every year we like to remind donors that there are a few rules when it comes to
year-end donations. The Lutheran SGO of Indiana must receive your gift by December 31, 2019 (or postmarked, see below) for the gift to “count” for your 2019 taxes. If we receive your support January 1 or after, then you will be supporting your 2020 tax credit efforts. (You will receive a 50% tax credit for your gift designated to St. Peter Lutheran School of North Judson.)
What are the ways that we can receive those gifts in time? 
Gifts by check, in the mail: gifts received in the mail must be postmarked by
Tuesday, December 31. Even if we open the envelope in January, that little
stamp on the front of the envelope that says, “December 31, 2019” will ensure
that your wishes will come true. We would suggest that you take your
completed form to the post office on Monday, just in case. We have seen
delays in the past…
Gifts by check, dropped off: if the mail is not possible and you want to drop a
check off in person, the check needs to be in our possession (reminder: our
offices are in Fort Wayne, so this bullet point is directed to donors close to the
Allen County area) by Tuesday, December 31. December 23 is even a better
date to drop off the gift, but call us at 260-203-4509 to check on times the
doors will be open.
Gifts by IRA Charitable Rollover: this option involves contacting your plan
administrators to have a check sent to us. We suggest that you start the
process before December 24, just in case there are holiday delays. And please
remember to complete a donation form so that we can match the form to the
check from the administrator.
Gifts by Bank Card, online: this option gives you the option to wait until just
before the ball drops: click our donate now button and make your gift by
11:59 p.m., EST on Tuesday, December 31. We don’t advocate waiting that
long into the evening should there be power/wifi speed issues, but we have
had “11th-hour” gifts in the past (you know who you are!)
Gifts by Bank Card, not online: this one gets tricky. If you mail or call us with
the numbers, we will need to receive the information no later than 9:00 am on
December 31 in order to run the card when someone is in the office. Again,
December 23 is a better date, but contact us at 260-203-4509 so that we can
ensure receipt.
Gifts of Appreciated Securities: So that the securities enter our account no later
than December 31, you should contact your financial advisor to initiate the
transfer of appreciated stock, mutual funds, etc. to our account before
Christmas Eve to hopefully avoid any holiday delays.
Gifts of Grain: farming donors will need to initiate gifts of product to us when
their elevator is open for business before December 31. We suggest
contacting the operator before Christmas Eve to again prevent delays due to
possible reduced holiday hours.
The Lutheran SGO website has more information.
The tax credit dollars cycle will renew on July 1, 2016 and run through June 30, 2017. Last year the tax credit dollars were exhausted by February 9, so please contribute your support early.

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