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St. Peter Lutheran Church and School is involved in an ongoing fundraiser. Scrip is a non-selling fundraiser for non-profit organizations. The earning potential for our church and school is unlimited. Not sure what Scrip is all about- scroll down to learn more.
Scrip stands for “substitute money”.  Scrip is “shopping cart fundraising.”  When people purchase Scrip they are purchasing gift cards that can be used like cash at participating retailers   The merchants that participate in the Scrip program donate a percentage of the revenue to our church and school in exchange for the business they receive when Scrip is used at their business. You purchase the gift cards at face value and have the whole amount to spend. You’re earning money for our church and school just by doing your normal shopping.

Where can I use Scrip?

Scrip is available for local and national retailers. Restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, online stores, and more offer Scrip. A complete list of participating retailers is available by category. We currently stock Scrip for over 70 merchants. You can find a full list of participating national retailers on the RaiseRight website. 
Need Scrip in a Hurry?
Contact our Scrip Coordinator at scrip@stpeternorthjudson.org or call the school office at 574-896-5933 to receive the enrollment code for our school. Then go to the RaiseRight website or download the app to create an account. If you create a PrestoPay account you can use your Scrip immediately.

Scrip Tips

Use these great ideas to get more out of your SCRIP purchases!

  • You can purchase postage stamps at CVS- use Scrip and earn 6%.
  • Use Goodshop and Scrip, your Kohl’s charge, or Target RedCard when shopping online to “double dip”.
  • Use Scrip to pay your Kohl’s charge bill. This way you get to use all the coupons and special deals with your Kohl’s charge and still support our school.
  • Purchasing supplies for your business? Or gift cards for your employees? Use SCRIP for your business needs.
  • Scrip cards make great door prizes.

How can I buy Scrip?

Scrip is available for purchase after church on Sunday morning in the multi-purpose room and during school hours in the school office. Special orders can be made for any participating retailer that is not stocked. Orders can also be emailed to  scrip@stpeternorthjudson.org. In stock orders received by Friday will be ready for Sunday pick-up.

Still have Questions?

You can contact our Scrip Coordinator at the school at 574-896-5933 or email  scrip@stpeternorthjudson.org

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Brand List

All the national brands that participate in the Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser.
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