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Midweek Lent Service 3/25

We apologize for the mistake on the readings and sermon audio that were originally posted. They have been corrected. We pray that these are a blessing to those listening. Again we apologize for any inconvenience. 
Here are the parts for your at home Lenten Service. 
These two may take a second to load. Please be patient. 

Chapel with Caleb 3/25

Video link to watch Pastor and Caleb lead Chapel. 

Chapel with Caleb

Sunday 3/22

Here is your Sunday liturgy for use on the Fourth Sunday in Lent. If you are gathered as a family or with others, designate one person to serve as “Leader” who reads the leader portions. If alone, you would read all portions of the liturgy. Readings can be assigned to others in the family or you can listen to the audio file provided of the readings for the day. When you get to the sermon begin playing the audio file provided. At the conclusion of the sermon, continue on with the provided liturgy. Blessings on your time of worship!



You can listen to Sounds of Praise at 7:45am followed by The Lutheran Hour on WKVI.