Second Grade

pencils Welcome to the 2nd grade classroom page. Students in second grade are taught by Mrs. Stormi Surma. You can email Miss Stout at  

Second Grade Blog


Spring Tulips

The tulips by the playgound

The tulips by the playgound

We have been watching the tulips ever since they first poked through the ground at the end of February.  This week they are in full bloom. Some students have picked a plant and claimed the tulips as their own.  Some of the girls have been collecting the fallen petals and are planning to bury them, complete with a funeral and all.  It is great to enjoy God’s creation through the eyes of our students.

Welcome to the Second Grade Blog!

This blog is a new tool that our second grade class will use to share exciting information about things we are learning.  Thanks for joining us in this new adventure!


Have a blessed day in God’s great love!