Resources for Parents


Youth E Source– Devotions, blogs, articles, and more for teens and parents.

Families in Faith Free App
Available for iPhone, iPad, and Androids. Great ideas to get your family talking about your faith, ideas for praying for your kids, how to include Jesus in your holiday celebrations and  more! Watch this YouTube Video for more information.

Focus on the Family
Articles, podcasts, forums, and much much more.

Parenting Families
A variety of resources on parenting and families provided by the Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Thriving Family
Online magazine. Sign up for a free print subscription as well. Tons of activities and resources for families.

Christian Parenting-
Articles, blogs,newsletters and other resources. Also has sections for marriage, career, finance and more.

Family Mealtime Devotionals
52 excerpts from Mealtime Moments. Provided free by Focus on the Family.

Daily devotion- by Josh McDowell Ministries
This link will provide a new devotion each day.
Archive list

Front Porch Parenting
Click each day for a new 60 second parenting excerpt from Dr. Mary Manz-Simon on KFUO radio.