Inspired to Learn

O.A.S.I.S. stands for One Awesome Savior Inspiring Students.
Throughout this school year, we will explore the ways our Savior, Jesus Christ, inspires us.
Our topic for September is Inspired to Learn.  
 At the age of 12, Mary and Joseph found the boy Jesus in the temple reading and talking about the Scriptures with the Bible teachers.
Read about it in Luke 2:41-52.
 We can be Inspired to read and learn God’s Word from the Bible.  There are numerous benefits to memorizing Scripture.
1.  It keeps God’s Word fresh in our lives and ready to revive us.
2.  Provides a basis for focusing on God’s Word.
3.  Provides opportunities for families to discuss how a verse applies in their daily lives.
4.  Enables us to cheer and encourage others with God’s Word.
5.  Training the brain to memorize various things has life long benefits.  Using Scripture as the basis of that training has eternal benefits.
Here are 52 Kid Friendly Verses for families to memorize together.
Here is an easy to use Scripture memorization program for families.  It is simple to set up and can be practiced in a 5-10 minute time frame each day at meal time or before bed.  
We encourage your family to be INSPIRED TO LEARN God’s Word together!