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It is our desire to partner with families to equip this generation with faith in God and wisdom, allowing them to be
Christ-centered leaders who inspire and serve others as they discover their calling in Jesus.
The purpose of St Peter Lutheran High School Co-op is to provide spiritual, social, and physical activities to students pursuing an online education. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming, Christian environment for students in grades 9-12 to come together during the day while completing their individual online courses. Our goal is to partner with families to offer independent online learning in a Christian environment for self motivated high school students. 
To the right you can click through a few slides to learn more about our vision, goals, and plans for the co-op.


2017 (Proposed fee has changed) 
Above and Beyond
In addition to students completing their daily course work we desire for our students to excel in all parts of living a Christian life and encourage them to form healthy habits that they can carry on into adulthood. Our students will participate in a variety of activities to create a well rounded Christian education experience. 
Chapel- Students will attend weekly Chapel services and will work together to lead chapel once each semester. Religion- Students will join together for a daily student led Bible study. 
Church/youth group attendance-we strongly encourage our students to get involved with their home congregation to stay connected to God as deeply as possible. If you do not have a home church you are always welcome at St. Peter Lutheran Church.
Community Service- Jesus has taught us to serve one another and as Christians we want to serve to give God the glory. We ask that each student completes 20 hours of community service each year.
Fitness- We want our students to embark on a lifetime of health and wellness. To help encourage this we will be including a time of physical activity each day.
We are suggesting that all students use the same curriculum. After researching several options we are suggesting Connections Academy a free public education that provides students will all the Indiana graduation requirements. You can learn more below.
Public School Curriculum
–Students will receive grades and diplomas from their online school not St. Peter Lutheran School. 
–Students/families are ultimately responsible for a student’s academic success.
—Students will be supervised by an adult at all times.
–Students are responsible for providing their own computer/headphones/microphone etc. (some curriculums offer assistance) 
–St. Peter Online High School Co-op registration will have a separate fee. (Scrip proceeds can be applied.)
Contact: with questions.