Ascension Day Devotion

Read this first: Acts 1:1–11


“You saw Jesus taken away from you into heaven. He will come back in the same way you saw him go” (Acts 1:11b).

Jesus was no stranger to uprisings. He witnessed the very first and most damaging uprising in His story. History too. You know how that turned out.

Religious and political leaders of Jesus’ time accused Him of attempting an uprising. You know how that turned out too.

He didn’t settle for the uprising on Good Friday when He suffered and died to pay the price of our sins, nor for the uprising He caused as He descended into hell, demonstrating His power over death and the devil. He didn’t settle for the uprising on Easter when the day dawned looking like so many other Sundays—a most surprising uprising, even for His little band of followers.

Then came His ascension into heaven. His rising up into the heavens left His disciples in charge of future uprisings. You know how that turned out.

Now here we are His disciples in 2020, with no clear vision of what we will encounter as we proclaim and teach His revolutionary Word. But we do know the King of uprisings will never let the Gospel fail. And now we gaze up into the heavens, waiting for the final uprising.

You know for sure how that will turn out.

Come, Lord Jesus.