St. Peter Lutheran School offers a Christian based education that focuses on high academic standards and small class sizes that helps students receive the attention they need to thrive and learn. We welcome all children in our community at our school and desire to take all barriers away from children receiving the best education they can. St. Peter Lutheran School is fully accredited through the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation and the State of Indiana. We participate in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program and offer additional tuition assistance options for families that do not qualify. 
We do everything we can to make the admission process easy for you and your family.
~You are always invited to join us for a worship service Sunday mornings at 9:00am or Monday evenings at 6:30pm.
~We ask that you check out our website and prepare any questions you have for us. (The FAQ Page is a good place to start.)
~You can also check out our Facebook page for current happenings. 
~Feel free to call (574-896-5933)  or email us ( ) anytime.
~Please schedule an appointment to learn more or to enroll. 
~You will then go through an interview and an admission decision will be made. 
You can afford a Christian, private education, with high academic standards for your child.
Applying for a scholarship is as easy as 1,2,3.
Nearly every student in our school receives some form of tuition assistance.
Please call the school office at 574-896-5933 to find out more information
or to schedule an appointment to enroll your child. 
Indiana Choice Scholarship Program
These scholarships offered through the State of Indiana and are available based on your family’s income. These scholarships are offered at various levels of assistance. 
Scholarship Granting Organization
These scholarships are available for families that do not qualify for the Indiana Choice Scholarships. They are also income based. These scholarships are available because of generous donors who value a Christian education.
St. Peter Community Fund
These scholarships are available for families who do not qualify for either of the previous two programs and are also income based. These scholarships are offered by the St. Peter congregation to make a Christian education a reality for even more students in our community.
A few details:
Pre-enrollment takes place each spring for the following school year. This helps us to know how many books and other materials we will need.
Dates for pre-enrollment and registration will be posted on our Facebook page and in school publications.
Please bring your child’s legal birth certificate, immunization record, and Social Security card. Also we will need either a Social Security number or a driver’s license number from a parent or guardian. You will also need the previous year’s tax return.
Children need to be 3/4 on or before August 1 to be eligible for preschool this year.
Children entering Kindergarten need to be 5 by August 1.
We request that the first month’s tuition and registration fees be paid at the time of registration. The registration fee is