St. Peter Lutheran School offers Pre-School (3 and 4 year olds) through eighth grade.  Our school has received National Lutheran Schools Accreditation and is also accredited by the State of Indiana. We have also been accepted as a voucher school as part of the School Choice Indiana program.

Does my family have to be members at your church in order for my child to attend your school?
No. We welcome students in our community into our school regardless of whether they are members of our church or not. School families are always welcome to join us for church.

Where can I learn more about the voucher program?
St. Peter accepts “vouchers” through the School Choice in Education program through the State of Indiana. These scholarship provide assistance with tuition expenses. You can learn more by visiting  http://doe.in.gov/choice or by calling our office at 574-896-5933.

What is the teacher to student ratio?
Our average teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:9

How do students rank on standardized testing?
Our students rank above average in all areas on standardized testing.

How do students do academically in high school after attending St. Peter?
90%-100% of our graduates are on the honor roll in high school.

Is the daily curriculum different than that of the public school?
The daily curriculum is very similar to the public school. The daily curriculum focuses on the Common Core Standards and the Indiana Academic Standards. The Christian faith is integrated into the daily instruction of each classroom.  Subjects taught at all grade levels include Math, Reading, Spelling, English, Handwriting, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Memory Work, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Phonics is also taught in Kindergarten through Grade 2. Pre-Algebra and Algebra are taught in 7th & 8th grade.

Do you have “specials”?
We offer music, library, physical education, and art class.

What types of technology do you have?
We have a computer lab with 20 laptop computers for students to use. We also have five Mimio boards that are used for interactive learning.

How is religion class handled for non-Lutherans?
We teach religion classes from the Lutheran perspective, encouraging those of different faiths to compare thier religion to ours.

What is chapel like?
Chapel is an interactive student friendly worship service designed to provide an opportunity for our student body to gather together in worship. This generally occurs on Wednesday mornings at 7:55. Pastor and faculty members take turns leading the service,often integrating student involvement. Guest speakers also join us for chapel from time to time. All are invited to join us for chapel each week.

What types of activities do students participate in?
We have two school wide required activities each year, the Christmas service and either a Science Fair, Musical, Social Studies Fair, or Fine Arts Fair which are on a four year cycle. We also offer the opportunity to participate in academic bowl competitions and basketball. Each spring we also participate in a Track and Field Day with other Lutheran Schools in the area.

What extra-curricular activities are available for students?
We offer basketball for boys and girls in grades 3-8. We have an active Student Council. We also participate in several academic competitions including, Academic Challenge (grades 4-5 and 6-8), Academic Super Bowl, Elementary and Middle School Spell Bowl, and Elementary Math Bowl. We also participate in Hoops for Hearts. 

What types of programs/speakers are brought in for students?
We bring in speakers for assemblies who present information relative to subject areas, social behaviors, or character traits.

What kind of parent organization do you have?
Our PTL (Parent Teacher League) is an active group of parents that supports the school in a variety of ways including helping with the purchase of playground equipment, hosting events like book fairs, and holding an annual teacher appreciation week. They also hold an annual Pork Chop Dinner fundraiser.

Do you interact with the public school?
North Judson San-Pierre Schools provides bus transportation for our students, hot lunches, speech therapy services, and Title 1 services.

What do I have to do to enroll my child at St. Peter?
You can check out our Admissions page for all the details.

Will enrollment ever be capped?
As long as we have space to house classes we will not cap our enrollment.

Do you offer any tuition assistance programs?
Yes, a request for tuition assistance can be made when a family fills out a free/reduced lunch form. The monetary amount is determined based on availability.

*All families can use our Scrip program as a way to help cover the cost of tuition. Families can also check the Choice in Education website for information about the Indiana’s School Choice program.